8 Must Try Remedies To Get Rid Of Toenails Fungus

Get Rid Of Toenails Fungus

Fungi are usually present in a damp, wet and warm environment. As our feet are captured in shoes most of the time, during a significant portion of the day, this creates a perfect setting for them to get in through skin cuts or nail cracks. Many people suffer from this problem, permanently, occasionally or at least once in their lifetime. The chances of you getting toenails fungus at least once in your life are very high.

The fact that toenail fungus is responsible for about 50 % of all nail diseases causing dystrophies will certainly increase the awareness of the importance of prevention and proper treatment of this medical condition.

This is why you should read on and try one of our 8 Must Try Remedies To Get Rid Of Toenails Fungus. We recommend prescription treatments because the homemade remedies are not as efficient as expected. However, we bring a palette of different solutions, including oral and topical ones, as well as home remedies for those keen on trying the DIY solutions first.


This remedy was widely used for years in many countries. However, its use on nails was not often, nor efficient. Today, clotrimazole is widely accepted in the UK and other European countries as one of the best remedies to get rid of toenails fungus, as clinical trials combining clotrimazole with nail plate reduction method have shown excellent results in almost all treated patients, with over 95 % improvement in over 80 % patients with toenail fungus. It is important to emphasise that the medicine itself without nail plate reduction procedure is not as effective since the nail plate is too thick for penetration of the medication. [1]


Amorolfine is one of the most successful medicines you can get without the prescription for your toenail fungus treatment today. It is also known as Loceryl and represents the topical group of remedies. You simply apply it directly onto your nail, once a week. It is rather practical and easy to use, as it comes in nail lacquer packaging. The medicine itself is based on fungus cell membrane inhibition method. The good news is it works gradually and continuously over time, which reduces its application to only once a week, as implied by specialists at http://nailsfungus.org/nail-fungus/over-the-counter-nail-fungus-treatments.html. Relevant studies also examined and confirmed the benefits of this medicine. [2]


This medicine, recommended by the specialists writing for WebMD, efficiently fights nail fungus over a period of a few months. The good news is there are no limitations regarding using other remedies, specific health conditions or issues, as this medicine comes in all forms you can imagine: tablets, gel, spray, powder, cream and even nail lacquer.

Tablets must be avoided if you have problems with your liver, as indicated by specialists (see https://www.drugs.com/cdi/terbinafine.html), as well as other conditions which usually seek special attention, such as pregnancy or breastfeeding.


This medicine, alike the terbinafine, belongs to the second, advanced group of toenail fungus treatment remedies. It is an oral medicine, based on cell membrane inhibition method. It slows down fungus cell growth until its complete extinction.

Alike the terbinafine, itraconazole is related to liver damage. This is why specialists warn that these two drugs should be prescribed very carefully and all liver tests must be conducted before, during and after consumption of the two mentioned remedies. Some studies have shown that there are no significant differences in treatment outcomes between terbinafine and itraconazole [3]


Penlac is currently one of the most attractive non-oral solutions for toenail fungus conditions. The reasons are many. Despite high rates of 100 % extinction of fungus when certain oral medicaments are used, the risks still make them unattractive to many people. Penlac (and other nail lacquer-system based topical remedies) are safe, convenient, easy to use, relatively affordable solutions. On the other hand, the therapy lasts rather long – up to 48 weeks.

Undecylenic Acid with hydroquinone and cyanoacrylate
The combination of these three substances is proven to show positive results. Undecylenic Acid has been in use as toenail fungus remedy for more than fifty years. However, recent studies have shown that only its combination with hydroquinone and cyanoacrylate gives good results.

Tea Tree Oil

Here comes the homemade remedy advice. Tea Tree Oil has become a mandatory part of each home pharmacy locker in the past several years. Its benefits are various. Personally, I have used tea tree oil on several occasions for treating skin problems (on my face), including acne and herpes. In my case, it was very effective and easy to use. Both patients and specialists claim it is effective in combination with clotrimazole for treating toenail fungus as well.

Undecylenic Acid

As toenail fungus infection often spreads to your skin, we thought that including a skin fungus remedy as well could be useful for you. Undecylenic acid is a topical medication, i.e. you apply it directly to the infected area. Take into account that this drug, if used per se, without the two above-mentioned complementary medicines, can be used only for your skin treatment, not for the nails themselves. However, if your infection is in its progressed stage, your doctor will probably decide to prescribe some other medication, as undecylenic acid is not recommended for use on deep or severely damaged zones.

Read more on this medication, its benefits and disadvantages on https://www.drugs.com/cdi/undecylenic-acid-liquid.html



Fungus infections, especially toenail fungus conditions can be very persistent, and recidives are often in almost all cases. However, prevention, quality socks, shoes and high level of personal hygiene, as well as proper treatment should solve this problem.

We hope you found useful information in our article. Share it if you liked it. Please write your comments, especially if you are coping with toenail fungus infection. If you have already tried one of the solutions recommended here, feel free to write your personal experiences and reviews.