10 Min Abs Workout To Get Fabulous Stomach

Everyone loves fabulous abs.

But it takes so much to build them and get rid of excessive tummy fat. You need a proper diet, healthy lifestyle, daily workout and good rehydration.

With a healthy diet and proper lifestyle, 10 min workout every morning is sufficient to give you great looking abs. Here is our list of top 10 abdominal workouts that you need to do for 45 sec each. Keep doing this every morning for a couple of months and see the great results.

These workouts are specially designed to reduce your tummy fat and tone your abdominal muscles.

  • Flutter Kicks 45 Seconds
  • Reaching Oblique Crunch 45 Seconds
  • Pilates Side Hip Raises 45 Seconds per Side
  • Russian Twists 45 Seconds
  • Toe Touch Crunches 45 Seconds
  • Pilates Leg Pulls (facing down)
  • Pilates Leg Pulls (facing up) 45 Seconds
  • Pilates Toe Taps 45 Seconds
  • Knee Tuck Crunches 45 Seconds